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What is Alarm HD Cameras?

 The Alarm Cameras with Newest Technology,it's Anslin Electronics' unique design,solved below two problems for traditional CCTV systems:
  •  Traditional CCTV system only can record black and white video at night,and image is not clear enough at all.
  •  Traditional CCTV system cann't frighten intruders in real-time at night.
Our Alarm Cameras' advantages:
  • Motion Detect : Designed motion detect feature in Alarm Camera
  • Frighten intruders: Alarm Camera will detect intruders who enter your places at night and switch on strong white LED lights to irradiate and frighten them.
  • Color Video at night: Get clearly color video once detected intruders enter your places at night.
  • Energy saving: Take it as energy saving Lamp as it will switch on only objects move.
  • Warning: Warning signal will show on your monitor
  • Alarm Siren : All Alarm cameras could be extended to connect Alarm Siren. It's your choice.
Normal Camera VS Alarm Cameras:

Places need to frighten intruder
Places need higher quality color video recording at night
Places need light and energy saving.